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Personal Finance Company in Leicester, Leicestershire There could be any number of reasons why you may need to borrow money. Perhaps you are looking to buy a new car; fund home improvements; get your garden landscaped; pay for a wedding or that once in a lifetime holiday; or maybe even consolidate your debts.

Many people will use a secured loan to enable them to get the funds they need. This is because often it may work out more cost effective than borrowing on your credit card or taking a finance deal from the company whose services you require. Secured loans may also be useful if you want to borrow larger sums of money.

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Types of Secured Loans
read moreSome forms of secured loans are described as:

Debt Consolidation Loans this is a method of paying off a number of other debts with a single loan taken out at a more advantageous interest rate than you were obtaining on the other individual debts;

Car Loans you may find that a secured loan obtained through your own financing may be more cost-effective than looking for car finance through a dealership etc;

Self-Employed Loans historically these may have been rather difficult to find, however, things are changing as the percentage of self-employed people in the economy increases;

Bad Credit Loans if you have credit history problems then you may need a certain type of product that takes into account the fact that some providers may see you as being a slightly higher risk;

Wedding Loans the cost of anything other than most basic wedding is now so high as to mean people may value the assistance that secured loans may be able to offer;

Holiday Loans if you are considering that holiday of a lifetime for a special event, then borrowing money this way may be something that is able to help you make it happen.

You may find that potential providers welcome applications for many, if not all, of these types of credit.

A common type of borrowing is the secured home improvement loan. Typically if you renovate a kitchen or add a garage then the value of your property will also increase, sometimes significantly, so investing in your property could actually see you make money when you come to sell it.


Nadim Thobhani
read moreExcellent advice and help from a great team.
David Christie
read moreThe company brokered a short-term bridging loan for me. I chose it after doing a web search and being immediately impressed by their customer focus. Soon I was also impressed by their efficiency and friendliness. I felt in very safe hands throughout the quite complex process and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Meg Davies
read moreStaff very professional, clear and frequently updating me on my case. Answered all my questions. Jenny helped through to completion. Would most defiantly recommend this company.
Sara James
read moreFrom start to finish the process was clear to follow. Having never done this type of thing before I was apprehensive but it was all very clear what my commitment would be.
Mrs Susan
read moreWe were finding it very difficult to find help with finding funding for our renovation project "My future bungalow" which is going to be the place I am retiring. I was so relieved that UK Property helped take some off the stress away. They put my mind at ease. I am not a very trusting person as I have been bitten before, so it was nice to deal with an honest company.
Adam Goff
read moreI needed to arrange a bridging loan quickly, and the team at UKPF were friendly and helpful in assisting me to do so, and explained the technicalities well. Follow up after the initial application process was also helpful.
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